What does this tool do?

This tool helps you estimate the total amount of hectares needed to feed a certain amount of people. The tool also works the other way around: it calculates how many individuals you will be able to feed from a specific area size.

The tool is grossly simplified, which means that the outcomes are only an approximation of reality. It takes the following produce into account: vegetables, fruit, potatoes, wheat, sugar, meat, milk and eggs (plus the necessary fodder required to feed the animals.)

Briefly summarized, this tool:

  1. Is based on the yearly average diet of a Dutch person;
  2. Does not calculate the complete diet (only the consumption of vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, eggs, potatoes, bread and sugar);
  3. Calculates, using model crops.
  4. Works with average production data from conventional production methods;
  5. Takes the needed cattle feed (partly) into account.

This tool is a product of the Stedennetwerk Stadslandbouw. For more information about the Stedennetwerk, please visit www.stedennetwerkstadslandbouw.nl.